We offer fire extinguisher rental in Cornwall and Devon for long, medium and short term extinguisher hire. We also offer an individual extinguisher hire in Cornwall and Devon for extinguisher training in hospitals and similar establishments. We can supply fire extinguisher rental for temporary events and outdoor event which fire regulations fully apply to. Below is a link to the guidance document:


Fire Risk assessment-open air events

Typical events the regulations apply to:

·         Marquees,

·         Temporary campsites,

·         Music concerts,

·         Festivals,

·         Weddings,

·         Agricultural shows,

·         Commercial events,

·         Building sites,

·         Corporate events,

·         Show grounds,

·         Sporting events,

·         Car boot sales,

·         Fairs,

·         Theme parks,


We can offer a range of fire safety equipment to hire to help you exercise your “duty of care” and comply with fire legislation.

·         Fire Extinguishers for all types of risks,

·         Fire Extinguishers for cooking,

·         Stands for the equipment,

·         Rotary bells,

·         Manual call points,

·         Interconnected site alarms,

·         Eyewash Stations,

·         First Aid kits,

·         Burns kits,

·         Instruction talks on equipment use,

·         Crash bag containing:

–   Megaphone

–   First aid kit

–   Torch

–   Pack of glow sticks

–   Space blankets

–   Fire wardens jacket


Our delivery personnel are often fully trained fire extinguisher technicians; as such they can provide a short talk and demonstration to your stewards on fire extinguisher use.


We also offer an internet fire awareness and fire wardens course to help your staff:


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